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Putting an end to voter fraud

As many of you know, Minnesota leads the nation in voter fraud convictions with over 200 people being convicted following the 2008 election. That is the highest number since 1936!

I believe the Voter ID Amendment will reduce, and hopefully end, the occurrence of voter fraud.

If the Voter ID Amendment passes in November, voters will be required to present a state-issued photo ID before they vote. Opponents to the bill are saying that this bill will cause voters to be denied the right to vote. But remember, all voters will be subject to the same rules before voting, and the state will be required to offer photo IDs at no charge to those who do not already have one.

I personally don't know of anyone who does not already have a photo ID, since virtually everything we do in life requires one. A photo ID is only a "huge obstacle" if you are not a citizen or you don't know where your courthouse or local DMV is at.

A voter ID law that is passed now will not affect anyone until the next election, allowing plenty of time for those who may not have an ID to get one.

If you do not vote on this issue, your ballot will be counted as a NO vote.

Let's put an end to voter fraud in November by making it easy to vote but hard to cheat! Vote YES on the Voter ID Amendment on Nov. 6!

Karen Brownell