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The economy is main issue

I've heard and read a lot of opinions on the upcoming elections. It seems that many people are distracted from the main issue.

Priorities demand that the main issue be the economy. The economy is the foundation for all other issues, including those that are thrown about and used as distractions and scare tactics.

Many wanted to make a proposed subsidy cut for big bird, an issue until it was learned that big bird and friends make four times more than Mitt Romney. Others wanted to talk about how the election results would affect seniors' social security benefits, until it was learned that any changes to social security would not affect anyone over the age of 55. Many wanted to make the recent drop in unemployment an issue, until it was learned that California did not get its unemployment data in on time for the report.

Let's not lose track of the main issue. "It's the economy, stupid." Just for the record, that's a quote from Bill Clinton; it's not me calling anyone stupid. My quote is: "Hey, distracted people! Bill's quote still applies!"

Daniel DeYonge