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Actions speak louder than words

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life 2012 Voter's Guide recently came out. MCCL is Minnesota's strongest pro-life organization, and it gives an informative look at where candidates stand on pro-life concerns. 

MCCL surveys Legislative candidates early in the campaign, and candidates either choose to or refuse to participate. In 2011, Sen. Gazelka and many others who previously had 100 percent voting records received a 94 percent because of one shutdown vote. Many agree it shouldn't have been scored. Nevertheless, MCCL has endorsed Sen. Gazelka, not Doty. Sen. Gazelka will fight for Life.

Al Doty claims to be a pro-life supporter, but actions speak louder than words. Doty knows that a House speaker decides what bills are debated on the House floor, yet Doty has never voted for a pro-life speaker; only pro-abortion speakers. How can he support his pro-life claims if his actions don't reflect his words?

Doty's inaction in filling out the MCCL survey also speaks louder. Gazelka's 94 percent rating on MCCL's survey was followed by no response from Al Doty.

Al Doty talks in circles when it comes to pro-life principles, yet he doesn't support pro-life leaders or organizations. 

This election year, I'll be voting pro-life. I'm voting for Paul Gazelka.

Loren Heffron

Little Falls