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Anderson: a personal follow up

This is a personal follow up to Mr. Dave Butcher's letter from the Oct. 6 edition of the Pioneer Journal.

Last August, when Lakeland PTV initially notified me that they would be hosting a candidate debate on Oct. 4, I responded that I already had a pre-scheduled commitment of equal importance on that same date. That is a life lesson on commitments; once made, keep your promise - which I did (The integrity of our Legislature would have a much higher standing if all politicians kept their promises.).

  Yet, that does not make any difference to Mr. Butcher. Instead of contacting me in search of an explanation or my views on any specific concern, he attempts to turn this into a public issue by casting the impression that I folded my arms and turned my back on Lakeland PTV. That is neither nice nor accurate, but I do appreciate his opinion.

Also in that same edition of the Pioneer Journal, another letter needs a response.

What surprises me, regarding the article written by Ms. Randi Agens about the website, is that the website had comments posted in my name. That is amazing. Why? Because of the many requests all state candidates receive from countless organizations to fill out their specific questionnaires, I have never submitted a response to

However, what does not surprise me is that Ms. Agens would write a negative letter against me, given the fact that her political position/title is Treasurer of the Cass County DFL (which there was no mention thereof).

Mark Anderson

Candidate, House 9A