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Monson will move Wadena County forward

As the Nov. 6 election quickly approaches, a candidate that deserves attention is Sheldon Monson for Wadena County Commissioner (District 1).

Sheldon is a well-respected leader in the Wadena community. Serving as Fair Board President after the devastating 2010 tornado, he worked tirelessly for over 45 days to see the fair up and running. He was also instrumental in the planning and redesigning of the new fair grounds.

Strong family values are at the core of Sheldon and his wife of 23 years, Sharin. Over the years, they have provided foster care for a number of children, as well as adopted three of their six children. Sheldon has also been integrally involved in youth activities as a 4-H volunteer, church youth leader and young adult mentor.

The needs of Wadena County would be well-served by Sheldon's business knowledge and no-nonsense work ethic approach. In the past, he successfully started a small business from the ground up.

Sheldon's approach to every aspect of his life is with high moral integrity and honesty. A vote for Sheldon Monson is a vote to move Wadena County forward.


Kelly and Jane Stockstrom

Rochert, Minn.