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The top celebrity news hypothesis

In today's world, it's easy to see that news is in high demand. It seems as though people live and breathe by what the weather is going to be like, where their stocks are at, how candidates are doing at the polls and what violent acts are taking place overseas.

Of course, it's understandable why news is such a big deal. In today's day and age, knowing the latest information is everything.

Then again, many of us don't have a choice when it comes to knowing what's going on around the world because news is everywhere. We see it on TV as we're making breakfast in the morning, we hear it as we're driving to work and we catch on to it when we're standing around the water cooler or surfing the web.

I'm sure it would come as no surprise for many that I'm addicted to news, hence my profession. However, there's one form of news that I don't think I will ever fully understand or appreciate: celebrity news.

People can't seem to get enough of celebrities these days. In recent years, I've watched what was once set aside as "entertainment news" become "breaking news."

I'll be upfront in admitting that I think celebrity news is extremely overanalyzed. While I find it humorous and outlandish most of the time, the reality is that I think it distracts people from appreciating worldly issues that impact the state of planet Earth.

Sure, there are those who will argue that celebrities are important enough to make top headlines. I'm sure there were many folks hyping earlier this week over the fact that Donald Trump doesn't want Robert Pattinson to get back together with fellow Twilight star Kristen Stewart. I'm also sure our nation's reality TV fanatics were psyched about the idea of Honey Boo Boo being on tour. But are these things worthy of being considered top news? Apparently, to many leading media hubs, they are.

The saddest - and, perhaps, funniest - part about this whole reality is that I often find myself outnumbered by peers who are truly more interested in keeping up with the Kardashians than they are discussing which presidential candidate is right for our country.

For fear of sounding too stuffy or boring in this matter, I'll visit the other end of the spectrum for a moment. Perhaps many of the people who drown themselves in celebrity gossip don't do it for news purposes, but rather for entertainment.

It's interesting to think about where news ends and entertainment begins.

Maybe I won't truly understand the allure of celebrity headlines until the spotlight is on someone who is more closely tied to my world. Perhaps I should start small by looking at Wadena.

Has anyone been keeping up with the Woldens?