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Gazelka broke his promises

At forums, Paul Gazelka asks the question, "Did I do what I said I would?"

Gazelka signed MCCL's pledge to support their legislation. According to MCCL's website, Gazelka only scored 93 percent in 2011. Making that broken promise even worse, Gazelka's literature says "100 percent pro-life." Does he think we'll fall for that again on his literature?

Gazelka signed Grover Norquist's pledge to not raise taxes, but Gazelka voted to remove homestead credit, which according to the Department of Revenue raised property taxes on most Minnesotans. Making that broken promise even worse, the biggest property tax increases from Gazelka's votes fall on rural Minnesota.

Gazelka promised, while campaigning, that he'd work to create jobs here. But when he could have voted for final passage of a $19.5 million project at Camp Ripley, Gazelka voted NO. How many local jobs does $19.5 million provide?

Maybe it's because Gazelka's never lived in any of the four counties in District 9 until this summer that he doesn't know we think it's important to keep promises.

Gazelka should talk to average residents instead of speaking at Tea Party rallies.

When Gazelka asks, "Did I do what I said I would?" the answer is loudly and clearly "No!"

Bob Keeton

Cushing, Minn.