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Gazelka works hard, looks out for Camp Ripley

When the Supreme Court redrew the new district lines in Minnesota earlier this year, I was thrilled to learn that Sen. Gazelka decided to continue representing Morrison County in Senate District 9. He currently serves on the State Government and Veterans Committee, which is a great fit for him because Camp Ripley is in Senate District 9. 

Sen. Gazelka is genuinely concerned about Camp Ripley and works closely with personnel there to represent their concerns at the State Capitol. When he visits Camp Ripley - and he visits very often - he takes time to talk with all those who serve at Camp Ripley.

When my husband was deployed, Sen. Gazelka attended the deployment ceremony. Whenever he saw me, he asked how I was doing. He has a deep concern for returning veterans and supported a bill to help veterans receive more assistance in gaining employment when they return. 

Gazelka works hard and looks out for Camp Ripley in St. Paul, and therefore he looks out for what is best for our community and for our veterans.  I'm very thankful to have a senator representing our community who is not only fully supportive of our veterans, but is a genuinely caring person.

Cindy Paycer

Fort Ripley, Minn.