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Mark Anderson has provided 'almost no specifics'

It is important for voters to know how candidates will side on the issues that are important to our community, but GOP Candidate Mark Anderson has provided almost no specifics about what he will do if he is elected to the state Legislature, or how he would have voted on the previous Legislature's extreme budget that shut down our state, raised our property taxes and borrowed billions from our schools.

This should give voters pause because there appears to be no differences between GOP Candidate Anderson and his party leaders - the same party leaders who shut down government last year and led one of the most nasty, extreme Legislatures in the history of our state.

I have noted with dismay that Mark Anderson will not be available to debate Don Niles on the important issues facing our state on Lakeland TV. This should be a tell-tale sign of what kind of Legislator Republican candidate Anderson will be. If he isn't willing to tell voters how he would part ways with his party now, then we can expect he will just be another rubber stamp for more partisan gridlock at the Legislature.

We can do better. I am voting for DFL candidate Don Niles for House District 9A.

Tom Schulz