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It is critical to make a decision on Nov. 6

Election Day is just a month away. While our preference is to tune out the ads and ignore the multitude of lawn signs, it is critical to make an informed decision Nov. 6.

The Minnesota Legislature plays a significant role in setting the course for Minnesota's economy, and we need to ensure that candidates who value the importance of jobs and the economy are elected. I urge citizens to vote for Paul Gazelka.

Minnesotans deserve practical, hardworking leaders who understand what it takes to create opportunity in today's economy. Minnesota is a great state, but we are not keeping pace. We must develop the best talent, be competitive with other states and countries across the world, encourage innovation and redesign, and support an agenda that maintains and creates jobs for Minnesotans.

I am confident that Gazelka will provide the leadership necessary to move Minnesota in the right direction.

David C. Olson

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce president