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Mark Anderson's answers seem 'off the cuff'

So I went to the website and entered my address to see who would be on my ballot in November. Score! The site showed every person running for every office that would be on my ballot. It even included judges whom I was then able to Google a little bit of info on.

I was able to see a side-by-side comparison of the two candidates for the House race for District 9A, Mark Anderson (R) and Don Niles (DFL). Now that was handy! I saw a real distinction between the two candidates.

Mr. Anderson's answers to the questions in the comparison seemed off the cuff with no thoughtful consideration of the subjects, other than government does too much. His plan of action regarding the various subjects is to do nothing.

Don Niles' answers were well thought-out and showed an openness to cooperation among citizens, businesses and government to solve problems. For example, there was a question about how would you work to protect Minnesota's natural resources?

Mr. Anderson's answer - "There are already policies in place to protect Minnesota's natural resources."

Don Niles' answer - "One of the main issues facing the state is invasive species. The state needs to take an aggressive approach toward preventing deterioration of lakes and streams. Increased emphasis in the state on renewable energy and biofuels will have the dual benefit of protecting the environment and growing the economy. Energy conservation, expansion of mass transit, organic agriculture and local farm-to-food initiatives all provide win-win opportunities for our state."

In November, I will be voting for Don Niles. I encourage everyone to check out this website and compare the candidates on their ballots. Make an informed decision on Nov. 6.

Randi Agens

Pine River, Minn.