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Dan Skogen and his trouble with the DFL

As a life-long, hard-core Democrat, I am very disappointed to see Dan Skogen running for office again. Does anyone remember he got his clock cleaned by a Tea Party nut in the last election? I can tell you, Mr. Ingebrigtsen is no Tea Party nut.

I saw Mr. Skogen in a couple of debates on TV when he was in office. He either doesn't know what the DFL stands for, he doesn't believe in it or he is just plain short on backbone.

Again, he got his clock cleaned. Surely, there are some young DFL people in the area that could do better.

I called Mr. Skogen at one time and left a message. I wanted to talk to him. He only called me back after I complained to the OTC-DFL chairman. And that's after I had given money to his campaign.

I'm no fan of Mr. Ingebrigtsen but when I called his office, he called back in minutes.

Before you vote, call Mr. Skogen and ask him what he thinks of Deer Creek Township's plan to waste several hundred thousand dollars on a bridge to nowhere for three people. Mr. Skogen admitted the bridge is a waste of money, but in his words, it's a waste of money in his district. We can do better.

Tommy Stiles