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Surviving student murals should hang in new school

I am writing this letter as a response to an article in the Sept. 5, 2012 Pioneer Journal article entitled, "Student murals may not hang in new school".

I am a Wadena-Deer Creek graduate, and the article I read was about not wanting murals - which were created by past students - to be hung in the new school. To me, this doesn't make any sense.

First, most of the murals are in perfect or near-perfect condition after the tornado, which is a small miracle. Now, they are sitting in an attic where nobody can see them. It just makes sense for them to be in the school because that is what they were made for; they are a part of WDC history and should be there for everyone to see.

I walked through the new school before it opened and noticed that there is plenty of room for them to hang on the walls. And, personally, I think it would improve the atmosphere and look of the school.

Countless hours were put into making these murals, and I think hanging them in the school and recognizing the past students and what their artwork means to us is the least we could do.

Many of the murals have themes that relate to us individually, and as a community, they are just fun to look at. I always will remember sitting in the commons of the old high school with my friends, looking around at the 9/11 tribute, 1990's-themed mural, Minnesota-themed mural, the giant sports mural, space mural and high school mural. Students who have graduated, I believe, should be a part of the new school too, and putting their artwork up would be the perfect way.

I think that seeing these murals hanging up will encourage current students to think about making their own murals to add to the collection. These murals are a part of our past and should be a part of our future too.

Rachel Craig