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Wellness Center project has paid off

After nearly two years since we started the effort to obtain state funding to rebuild the community center and municipal pool facilities lost in the June 17, 2010 tornado, Gov. Dayton announced that the Wadena Regional Wellness Center project will receive $4.2 million!

This was an incredibly competitive DEED grant process, preceded as you are all well-aware by strong efforts before that to obtain funding through the state bonding bills.

Thank you all for your hard work and efforts over the last two years to make this day a reality! The many meetings, phone calls to legislators and the governor, hard work, financial contributions and perseverance have all paid off. 

The last few years will be one of those life adventures we will all have in common for the rest or our lives. Congratulations. We did it!

To celebrate and bring closure to the Wadena 2.0 committee's fine work, there will be a joint celebration with the Long Term Recovery Committee on Oct. 14 at 1:30 pm.  Details will follow sometime in the near future.

Don W. Niles