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A look at recent letters

Last week, I read some interesting letters. One was from Myron Swanberg of Eagle Bend. He claimed that a Republican campaign ad "was not truthful and plays on the worst sort of fear mongering, which we have come to expect from the right."

Evidently Mr. Swanberg is not watching political ads from the left. Consider the anti-Romney ad by Joe Soptic, an Obama political operative, claiming that Romney killed Joe's wife. The ad was proven false.

He also must have missed Stephanie Cutter, Mr. Obama's deputy campaign manager, claiming that she did not know the facts about the death of Joe's wife, even though she was on a recorded conference call with Joe Soptic, telling the same story in mid-May. Or the "throw grandma over the cliff" ad, also from the left.

Maybe he didn't see Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Democrat-Florida) claiming that the budget plan by Congressman Paul Ryan (Republican-WI) would hurt those currently on Social Security. Wulf Blitzer told her that, according to the budget plan, those over the age of 55 would not be affected. He asked Congresswoman Schultz eight times how it would hurt those currently on Social Security. Each time she went off on talking points without answering the question. We don't need Mr. Snyder's suggested to fact check that one. But if you still want to, is a more reliable source. I could go on with many more examples, but others may want room in this paper too.

Another letter was an editorial from the Grand Forks Herald. This editorial disputed a conservative blogger's claim that the presidential race is so close because there are too many takers (those dependent on government programs) and not enough makers. The Herald claims the reason the race is so close is that Republicans alienate voters by "labeling Social Security recipients as part of the dependency state."

The left likes to use fear mongering to twist and spin any Republican suggestion about reforming entitlements into some sort of personal attack on recipients. They did the same thing with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac when Republicans told them Fannie and Freddie were a serious financial risk. Remember Congressman Barnie Frank's (Democrat-Massachusetts) response? He said: "Fanny and Freddy are perfectly financially sound institutions! The Republicans just want to deny housing for low-income people!" We all know how that turned out.

The Herald even touted Bill Clinton's Democrat convention speech as the one that hit the "sweet spot" with the public. The Herald failed to mention that Mr. Clinton has also called for reform. (Oh my gosh! Is he labeling entitlement recipients too?) A record 5.4 million Americans have signed up for Social Security disability since Mr. Obama took office. Social Security has become the new unemployment insurance when the real insurance runs out. I suppose if I ask how long we can shuffle our deficit around before it implodes - like it did in Greece - Mr. Swanberg will accuse me of fear mongering and the Grand Forks Herald will accuse me of labeling. So be it.

Daniel DeYonge