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New school, same spirit

Aug. 17 turned out to be a beautiful Friday; one I felt couldn't be spent entirely indoors. So I decided to take my work outside for a bit.

The new Wadena-Deer Creek School has really been taking shape, and I figured the blue skies would make for good pictures of the building. I snagged a camera, hopped on my motor scooter and zipped over to the site to get some good shots of the progress being made.

I circled the school for about an hour, seeking out creative angles and zooming my camera lens in and out at different locations. The overall character of the structure is very charming and impressive.

My journey started out in the M State parking lot, where I hoped to first capture the front of the school in its entirety. From there, I rode over to the WDC school parking lot, where I was able to get some close-up shots of the windows and main entrance.

After spending some time checking out the front of the building, I made my way to the back, where workers appeared to be finishing a doorway. I am extremely impressed with the job workers have done while building this much-needed structure.

But while I was getting great images of the school, there was something missing from my photos: the students.

Of course, school is not yet in session, and I knew students wouldn't likely be hanging around the building just yet.

But as soon as I figured I had as many pictures as I would get, I noticed the football team was practicing in the field next to the school. Just for kicks, I made my way over to the fence surrounding the football field to see if I could get some good pictures of the players, with the school in the background.

The practice session was just ending when I arrived, but I was able to chat with one of the players as he was packing up his gear.

As 17-year-old junior Jordan Folkestad picked up his belongings and set his bike upright, he talked about his hopes of playing for the Wolverines this season, and possibly joining the North Dakota State University team after he graduates.

Folkstad's Wolverine pride was evident the moment he introduced himself. That kind of pride is a quality I think goes well with a new school.

Not far from Folkestad, the girls' tennis team sat in a circle within the courts behind the school. I talked with them after taking a few photos, and they told me how excited they were about the upcoming school year. One of the girls' T-shirts featured the words, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional," another theme I feel ties in well with the new school.

Having a new school in Wadena is wonderful. Seeing that students' school spirit has not been damaged by the 2010 tornado is even more amazing.

Our students, staff and community are what really make this new building great, and I can't wait to see their reactions during the school's Aug. 29 opening ceremony.