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Letter to the editor: Judges appointed before voters can choose

Our state constitution states that judges shall be elected by the voters, yet in Minnesota, our leaders have found a way to get judges appointed before the voters get their chance to choose.

This process is going on right now. Minnesota Supreme Courte Judge, Justice Helen Meyer, is retiring now--three months before the November election, and the Judicial Selection Commission has chosen four people, whose names were given to Gov. Dayton. Dayton will interview the four and pick one.

Does this sound like an election by the voters?

If we can't trust our judges to follow the Constitution in respect to their own selection, how can we trust them to follow the Constitution in respect to anything else?

If you remember the Franken/Coleman recount and some of the decisions made by our court, you may want to see new people on the bench.

There are two Supreme Court judgeships open to our vote on the Aug. 24 primary ballot, and I urge you to vote for Dan Griffith as chief justice and Tim Tingelstad as an associate judge. They are both common sense-stick to the Constitution men.

Or we can let someone else choose the judges for us.

Muriel Juers