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Your Letters: Not the new 'norm'

A same-sex marriage is not just like any other wedding ceremony. Diandra Gallagher of Fargo suggested otherwise in her editorial that was printed in the Aug. 4, 2012 issue of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.

Why isn't it like any other wedding? Because it is not a union of a man and a woman!

God created man and woman. Man and woman create children. Man and woman complement each other. A man and a woman and a family is a beautiful sight.

Diandra says children were in attendance, and that they were not harmed in any way. I disagree!

In their young age and being impressionable, children see two women/two men tying the knot as an OK thing. The Bible says man shall not lie with man and woman shall not lie with woman. Childrens' souls and spirituality are being harmed.

Same-sex marriage is sinful. Yes, he loves us, but not the sinning.

God forbid that the younger generation will see same-sex marriage as the new norm, as Diandra states. Hopefully the world will get back on the right track and live lives according to God's ways and not their own "if it feels good, do it" setup.

Elaine Byman