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Your Letters: Preserving marriage between one man and one woman

In order to divert attention away from the legitimate points brought up by those who support marriage between a man and a woman, those who want to change the definition of marriage to include homosexuals often bring up other matters that obscure the point. They say, "Look at all the abuses of traditional marriage such as adultery and physical and emotional abuse within marriage."

People point to the high divorce rates. They point to proponents of traditional marriage who go to the extreme and are physically and verbally abusive in their expression of their view.

No one is condoning the abuses of traditional marriage or the immoral behaviors of those who are unmarried. We do not support extremists. The point which some would cloud by calling attention to abuses is the fact that much good can come from traditionally defined marriage.

As an illustration, there is nothing inherently wrong with fruits and vegetables because some become rotten or moldy. The good ones provide necessary nourishment. Similarly, there is nothing inherently wrong with traditional marriage. It brings much good to society.

Solid one man/one women marriages are the foundation of a good, healthy society. That is not the case with what some would call homosexual "marriages," which are based on something that is morally rotten and cannot promote the good health of our society.

Deterioration of our basic freedoms will result, as our public education system promotes that which we feel is not appropriate for our children, as we lose the freedom to parent and bring up our children with the values we feel are so important, and as freedoms are taken away from churches and small business owners to follow their consciences. If anyone doubts it, look to Canada and Massachusetts. Calling this homophobic, bigoted hate speech is a smokescreen, since we do not hate or have a fear of the homosexual.

However, we cannot afford to be tolerant of something that will adversely affect our society. Vote YES to preserve one woman/one man marriage and promote the good health of Minnesota's society for future generations.

Mary Thom

New Ulm, Minn.