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Your Letters: Now I will stop to visit in Fargo

I would like to thank you for your recent change of policy on publishing notices of weddings of same-gender couples. We need more fair-minded businesses like yours that are willing to respect the love expressed through a marriage (regardless of sexual orientation).

As a "straight" person, I have never understood what kind of "threat" some people feel is posed by honoring and valuing all families. Our gay and lesbian friends have been part of the enrichment of life for my husband and me for more than 30 years.

Although I do not reside in North Dakota, I am going to be driving through Fargo on my way home in a few weeks. My original plan had been to just drive on by Fargo. But thanks to your policy change, I am going to make a point to stop in town to at least get a meal, and probably do more shopping. I encourage others to do so, as well. Thank you.

Judi Egbert, Anderson, Ind.