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Your Letters: Times slowly change for better

I just attended my first same-sex marriage ceremony this past weekend. It was for a cousin of mine whom I grew up with. Nothing crazy happened. Just like any other wedding ceremony that we all go to - parents watching and being supportive, the dog as the ring bearer, and family and friends looking on as they said their simple vows. Children were in attendance, and I can safely say that they were not harmed in any way during the weekend being in the presence of this "sinful" time.

It is just a joke to me that certain religious groups try to argue this as being wrong. Is their way the only one way people should live their lives? According to a lot of them, yes. What I keep hearing is, "It's our way or the highway."

That time is slowly going away, and with the younger generation seeing this as something that is the new norm, hopefully the world will get over their egos and insecurities, because that is all it is about in the end.

Diandra Gallagher, Fargo