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Your Letters: Preparing both corporally and spirtually

The corporal works of mercy:

1) Feed the hungry

2) Give drink to the thirsty

3) Clothe the naked

4) Shelter the homeless

5) Comfort the imprisoned

6) Visit the sick

7) Bury the dead

The spiritual works of mercy:

1) Admonish sinners

2) Instruct the uniformed

3) Counsel the doubtful

4) Comfort the sorrowful

5) Be patient with those in error

6) Forgive offenses

7) Pray for the living and the dead

God is granting us His mercy if we but respond to it before His day of justice. He wants us to come back to Him no matter how great our sins. The world needs to prepare for the second coming of Him who will come, not as a merciful Savior, but as a just judge.

Elaine Byman