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Your Letters: Actions speak louder than words

President Obama would do well to act in accordance with his own rhetoric. For several years the President has been proclaiming and complaining that "the rich" do not pay their fair share of Federal Taxes. In recent months, he has been making speeches across the nation and pushing congress to enact the "Warren Buffet Rule" where by "the rich" would pay a minimum 30 percent federal income tax rate. This minimum rate would be imposed to ensure that wealthy individuals, like Warren Buffet, would pay a higher rate than their secretaries and/or other "middle income" taxpayers.

In 2011, President Obama had an excellent opportunity to lead by example but failed to do so. Recently released tax filings by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden speak loud and clear! President Obama paid $162,074 in total Federal Taxes representing a tax rate of 20.5 percent of adjusted gross income. And yes, this rate was lower than his secretary and most "middle income" taxpayer rates. Vice President Biden paid $87,900 in total Federal Taxes representing a 23 percent rate of adjusted gross income. If President Obama really believed his own re-election campaign rhetoric, he could have and should have set a personal example in 2011.

What is the moral of this story? The next time politicians ask for your vote, examine what they do, not what they say. It is easy to "talk the talk", but few "walk the walk". Clearly, actions speak louder than words.

A.L. Kleinke