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Your Letters: Local choice more economical

A recent letter in the Morrison County Record asked District 9 constituents "who deserves the endorsement?" and went on to claim that Senator Paul Gazelka does because of his work in District 10.

Gazelka has the right to give up his incumbency in Crow Wing County and recently move his family to District 9 in the hopes of representing Morrison, Todd, Cass and Wadena counties. There's no incumbent senator here. It's an "Open Seat." Any district resident is eligible to run. District 9 local residents do have a local Republican choice to consider for the Senate District 9 seat.

He's Ron Kresha, a 15 year resident of Little Falls. He's a former school teacher and successful business man who has worked with people in all parts of the district and knows the district very well. He's a family man with five children who is strongly pro-life and supports the marriage amendment and voter ID. He'll promote education, agriculture, veterans and jobs for this area. He understands that Minnesota is facing a structural imbalance with our budget and that we can't have a surplus until the debt to schools and the tobacco money is paid off.

Ron Kresha is the right man for District 9.


Clara Kedrowski

Little Falls