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Your Letters: Problems with assessments unsolved

A petition by MS 273.0645 signed by Wolf Lake township residents requesting a review of local assessment practices was submitted to the commissioner of Revenue by Rep. Mark Murdock. A Department of Revenue report signed by Mr. McCormick dated Feb. 29, 2012 was forwarded to the Becker Co. Taxpayers Association by Rep. Murdock. The original report was sent to the Becker County Board, Wolf Lake Twp. Chair and Becker County Assessor. The report orders that a "reassessment be made." The report was not made public until the April 4, 2012 Town Board meeting.

The Department of Revenue report refers numerous times as to why the petition does not name a contact person. It should be obvious to Mr. McCormick that assessors retaliate and the DOR did just that when a previous petition signed by 40 Spruce Grove township taxpayers was forwarded by BCTA, Inc., Pres. Les Ristinen (who did not sign the petition). The DOR responded with an unsigned 44 page bogus report that only attacked Ristinen's activism. There was no report pertaining to the petition issues of undervaluation and nepotism. Is it the DOR's responsibility to besmirch concerned taxpayers?

What government entity is responsible for contract assessors overbidding impossible workloads? For example St. Louis County had an assessor contracting over 10,000 parcels. According to Becker and Hubbard County Auditors one assessor assesses 14,535 parcels including the cities of Detroit Lakes and Park Rapids. Some are bid in combination with a corporate name. Nepotism may also be a factor. Apparently neither townships, counties, nor the state accepts responsibility for accountability.

Lester Ristinen