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I'm a loser and I sure like it

The end is here but actually, it is only the beginning.

Monday, April 9 our dietitian announced the winners of my husband's employer's Biggest Loser competition. In the last twelve weeks, together my husband and I lost 48 pounds; him, 26, her, 22. For the team portion, Dan and I came in third, taking home 20 percent of the pot, a $92 prize to share. Our friends joke that we should go out for "all you can eat" ribs to celebrate. I think not. I do not like ribs.

We did well losing weight by making better choices, portion control and exercise. Yet I felt a little let down because we held the second place slot for almost the entire competition. Another team snuck up on us, had big losses at the end and swept us away.

Overall, an amazing 364 pounds were lost by 29 contestants with one individual losing 37 pounds and others simply maintaining. Winning the competition was based on the percentage of weight loss, not the number of actual pounds lost.

One regret is that I didn't have a before photo and circumference measurements taken to better mark where I started. But at that point just finding out how much I weighed was enough to handle.

But we are not done yet, the employees asked for the competition to continue. So part two begins at my husband's work this week, an eight week spring bonus weight loss competition. It is a jump start for the swimsuit season. Those who were part of the original competition will use their final weight as the new starting point. Other employees and their spouses are encouraged to jump on the losing bandwagon. We have our work cut out for us because the newbies will typically drop a ton beginning a weight loss program.

This time I am going to sign up for both the team and individual. Instead of money there will be prizes awarded for the first, second and third for each team and individual categories. The first place for the individual portion is an antigravity outdoor lounge chair. I can see myself basking in the sun while reclining in that chair this summer. The first place award for the team competition is two one-hour massages and a gift certificate at the Uptown restaurant.

The previous contestants had this week off from weigh in but Dan and I decided to see what affect Easter eating had on us. Yes, both of us had gained. Hopefully it is water weight from the salty ham and other goodies. I ate more than I should have but way less than I would have prior to our weight loss journey.

While I was at weigh in this week I decided to have my circumference measurements taken. The dietitian measured around my waist, hips, upper arms and legs. The numbers are big but I have faith they will become smaller and smaller. We also tried to do the skintest. She grabbed the flab on the backside of my upper arm and gave it a quick pull. With her other hand she pinched the skin in between the muscle and fat with a skintest caliper which looked like fancy salad tongs. Ouch.! It was a painful to say the least. Then she tried to do the same on the front of my upper leg. My fat is extremely dense and the skin on my leg has no elasticity. She could not complete the skinfold test without the leg measurements. I was pinched in vain.

She calculated my body mass index (BMI) using my height and weight. I went from 43 to 38. I am making advances to get out of the morbidly obese index.

Yes, it is time to celebrate. Perhaps we will invite some friends to the Uptown. I'll have my favorite rodeo chicken salad the night they feature the "all you can eat" ribs.