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Your Letters: Voters need to take responsibility

Last week's editorial in the Pioneer Journal complained about the proposed constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot for us to decide. The author claims that the legislature is doing an "end run" around compromise with the governor. What else can the "party of no" do with the "governor of no"? The author of the letter claims that each year "both parties embrace the poisonous partisanship of politics over the best interest of Minnesotans." Well then let the people decide what is in their best interest. Like the letter says, the issues are "tossed on the ballot for the voters to make the hard decisions." More people should be doing some of the "hard work" of paying attention to what is happening in their state anyway. What is wrong with putting an issue to the people instead of dealing with political stalemates that go nowhere? It sounds to me that the author of the letter is more afraid of being on the losing side of a people's vote than anything else. Well it's better than being in the majority and getting overruled by the legislature's vote or the governor's veto. Maybe instead of changing the constitution we should just have the legislature propose the bills and let us vote on them. We couldn't do any worse. And since the legislature is doing an "end run" around the governor he should have time to take care of more important issues. Maybe he could go to Wal-Mart and help Pauline with her "coffee gate" investigation.

Daniel DeYonge