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Your Letters: Ron Paul as a third party candidate

Although it has been essentially ruled out, if Ron Paul made a run at the presidency as a third party candidate, it's conceivable that he could win the presidency. Assuming that Romney wins the Republican nomination, national polls have indicated a very close race between Romney and Obama. Both candidates receive about 45 percent in a head-to-head race in national polls. However, if Ron Paul were to run as a third party candidate, it's possible for him to steal enough votes from both parties to essentially make a three-way tie for office. Ron Paul's diehards make up about 10 percent of the voting population, and while that alone isn't enough to make it a close race, there are a few other factors that could make a third party run very legitimate. Obama's Approval Index rating is at 15, and there are many Democrats unhappy with the job that he's doing. Likewise, Romney's support among Republicans would only go so far. In a national debate with all three candidates, it's probable that Paul and Obama would outperform Romney. They are simply better with debates. But, if Ron Paul were able to steal 10 percent of voters who would otherwise vote for Obama, and another 10 percent of voters who would otherwise vote for Romney, combined with his grass-roots following of 10 percent, there'd be a virtual tie in the popular vote. If neither candidate gets a majority, it seems likely that the House would vote for Romney. However, Ron Paul has been elected to the House for 14 terms which may or may not be of some influence among members of the House especially when compared to Obama and Romney, of which neither have served in the House. Being that this will be my first election, my desire is to vote my beliefs and not vote for "the lesser of two evils" as many I see many people do. Although I try to look at politics with a discerning eye and an open-mind, perhaps my predictions are a little overzealous. Whatever the case may be, I wish Ron Paul wouldn't rule out running as a third party candidate.

David Najjar