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Your Letters: Ragging on Republicans

After attending the DFL Endorsing Convention in Crow Wing County, there are nine things I have imprinted in my mind.

1. Their ideas scare me, they don't.

2. Praying before a meeting really helps (wish they would have prayed).

3. We believe in freedom from government control, they believe in freedom for government control.

4. You shouldn't blame your opponent for you not having any good ideas, by knocking his good ideas.

5. When you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

6. A Democrat Election Judge who saw election fraud will not stand and applaud with everyone else when told there is no voter fraud. Yes,we both saw the stack of fraudulent ballots at the last recount (no judge signatures; Mark Ritchie changed the rules for the recount and ballots were counted as legal without having the required two judges signatures).

7. One Republican, is just one Republican, John.

8. We don't have "gender balance." If we are able to do the job we run for the office, regardless of sex.

9. Blessed are the short winded for they shall be heard again -- I know some candidates hadn't heard that one.

Our Crow Wing Endorsing Convention was one full of God given American ideas about: freedom, standing for something, less government control, more responsibility and more accountability. I don't think I could have counted the number of times Republicans were blamed for everything with no ideas presented other than opposing everything Republican, which isn't an idea, it is just opposing.

We are the party of freedom and ideas, our convention was full of ideas without blaming/naming who or what our opponents are doing. We will make them irrelevant by showing our freedom loving ideas. We have wonderful candidates and people in office,why would we waste our time talking about their candidates? I can guarantee the newspapers won't know what to write when we really display the freedom and ideas we love.

Doug Kern

Crow Wing County Chair

P.S. We will not destroy our ballots immediately after the votes. In case anyone asks to see them, I still have the 2010 caucus ballots.