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Your Letters: Obamacare just the beginning of control

Barring the Supreme Court ruling it unconstitutional or the Republicans gaining control of the Senate and presidency this fall, Obamacare will go into effect in 2014. Many of the promises made in its passage are already proving to be false. The people behind it knew that from the get-go. That's why work on it was done behind closed doors and often opponents weren't allowed in the room during key discussions. In the election cycle prior to that there were some very close suspicious state elections that got the 60 votes in the senate to secure passage and during passage senators from Nebraska and Louisiana were bribed.

Although we all remember this shady process the best is yet to come, unnoticed. We laugh at Nancy Pelosi's statement that the public will get to know what's in the bill after we pass it. It's written up in more than 2,000 pages, much of it still open to legal interpretation. It's at that time that a politically appointed judge can decide what each clause means. Because many of those judges are political appointees they'll rule as expected.

Obamacare just wasn't something dreamed up in a couple of months by one man. It's the fruit of years of planning. Political races had to be won, favorable judges appointed and a bureaucracy put in place.

Two things had to be done during the four-year waiting period to make it inconspicuous. One, money was collected for the four years so the first year of Obamacare would appear solvent. An easy transition.

Second, as it goes into effect the courts can interpret or reinterpret any part of it they choose. For the public that's where the word 'gotcha' comes in. At that point Congress will be helpless to change it due to drawn out court battles.

More than universal healthcare is at stake. Whoever runs Obamacare runs the economy just like in socialist countries. Care becomes rationed, research becomes unaffordable and personal lifestyles can become regulated, including reproductive rights.

Oh, by the way Amy Klobuchar voted for it. Amy did you read it before you voted yes?

Bob Thompson

Pelican Rapids