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Magic pill illusion can create additional issues

Most of my life, I believed that if a person wasn't feeling well or had some problem, they were to give it time and have hope that the issue would go away. But if the ailment got too bad or simply unbearable, it was time to make an appointment at the medical clinic.

At the clinic the doctor would ask about the symptoms and check that area of the body. Perhaps the doctor would order lab work, x-rays or body scans to help with the diagnosis. But most likely the doctor would write out a prescription. Now that pill may have side-effects but one would trust the system and hope it would cure the current complaint.

I am not against the trained medical community. There are wonderful physicians among us. There have been incredible advances made in the medical field; advances in research, technology in imagery and detection, advances in surgery, transplants, prosthetics, physical therapy and so much more.

There are times to go to the doctor. I believe in yearly physicals to chart your health, to prevent illness and get early detection of any health issues. If I am ever in a serious accident or break a bone, the hospital is the first place I would go to get treatment.

But it seems to me that our society has focused on treating the physical symptoms with man-made pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical companies are big business, marketing more and more drugs for everything that ails us, then for every side-effect ailment. I believe we are making ourselves sicker and sicker by buying into the "magic pill" illusion. Illness + doctor = prescription = side effect/illness + prescription + prescription = more illness. That becomes our life.

I am learning there are other non-traditional modalities such as massage, chiropractic, counseling, emotional healing, essential oils, meditation, reflexology, acupuncture and many other avenues that may help.

But most importantly, we need to take accountability for our own bodies. We need to get proper nutrition and exercise. The food and beverages we put in our bodies, the chemicals we use on our bodies and in our environment along with the lack of exercise is the base of our unhealthiness.

I have to admit, I haven't taken care of my body. For the past 20 years I have been in survival mode. Now my basic needs are being met. I am working on my emotional health. I have weaned myself off the daily dose of pharmaceuticals. Now I am focusing on proper nutrition and exercise just as my doctor has been telling me for years.