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Discovering a truth that will set us free

We live in a very confusing world. We complain about the lack of a true moral compass, especially for our young people - yet we don't pray with them or teach them the Word of God at home. We complain about lack of Sunday School teachers in church and the lack of attendance yet we don't volunteer to teach or be trained, nor do we invite anyone to Sunday School, yet we wonder why the Christian Education department is so anemic. We complain about the loose standards of our young people, yet we allow them to watch just about anything on television or go to most any show. I heard someone say that a hypocrite is someone who complains that there is too much sex and violence on his DVD. We sit and complain, yet it is we who are making the choices.

I believe we need to return to some standards that we have lost over the years. There is that which is righteous and defiled, a right and a wrong, a truth and an error, a black and a white. There may be some things that are up to each one's own conscience, but even those are to be governed by what may cause another person to stumble whose conscience may be more sensitive then ours. Over the years we have opened the door to areas of indulgence that never were dreamed of before.

We complain about young people having illegitimate children, yet our homes are filled with mixed messages. While watching a commercial from Victoria's Secret we talk about keeping ourselves pure. While preaching against jumping in bed with someone before they are married we let them watch a steamy, illegitimate love affair at the theatre and say nothing about it. Many of our young people are very confused because very few have been given a strong, consistent, convincing message of what is right and what is wrong.

The reason for this is that we have lost the standard of right and wrong. Truth has become relative and subjective. The mantra is; "whatever you think is right for you is OK by me. Whatever is your truth is truth." We are so afraid of stepping on someone's toes that we stand for nothing. Therefore, as Isaiah 59:14 says, "Justice is turned back, righteousness stands afar off and truth has fallen in the street."

Some of the reason for this is because we have lost a sense of accountability to a holy God. I like to talk about God's love and grace, but there is also another very biblical side - that of His judgment and holiness. One day we will all give an account according to the standard of His truth. Jesus said, as He prayed to the Father, "Your Word is truth." Anything that is contrary to the Word of God is a lie, it does not stand in the truth. The Word of God must be our only standard for living.

The Word of God will be the standard that we will be judged by. Romans 1:18 says, "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness." And verse 25 goes on to say, "who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator." This is what has happened. Instead of submitting to God's truth, we have created our own idea of truth and each one has their own idea of what that is. The end result is chaos. We, as a nation and as a people and as Christians, need to return to The Truth that will set us free.