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Your Letters: Trust God, seek God for answers

This isn't about any other religion, it is about God's Word that is given to ALL people, whether believer yet or not.

Pray that those who don't know Jesus Christ will turn and find forgiveness, hope and peace in Him. God is as close as the air we breathe. When He knocks on your heart's door open it to Him and seek Him with all your heart. Let's stand together and ask God to pour out His Holy Spirit on our nation in 2012.

God sees all, knows all, even what you think ... created all, has sustained and guided. Our problems come from pushing Him aside. So we can't blame God when things are going wrong, it comes back to our own doorsteps. For allowing sin to prevail against His Will, choosing sin over His guidance, protection, provision. Here we are ... just where they projected over 50 years ago, take away their love of God, their Patriotism to America, and morals and we can take them down without a gunshot (so people fell for all of it, unknowingly and knowingly) aborted His creations, that were brought in out side of His will. He set up marriage, then procreation (now under a sexual revolution -- everyone is doing it, not so.) Man turned to man and woman to woman from God's wrath. See Romans chapter 1 verses 18-32 / fornication and adultery runs rampant / Greed in our nation / feeding and injecting to get more meat and milk from the cattle, changing grain seed, and vegetable etc. seeds that is creating health problems today to cattle and humans, and should be stopped immediately not years from now. Foreign countries won't accept, so I understand they give different products to them, then us. God said a just scale in all things. When we stand for any of this, we will have God's wrath, not blessing. He is our Father and we are His children. Good thing He hasn't given us so far what we deserve and if there isn't a turning back to Him -- we can't blame Him regarding the consequences. God will provide our world's needs if we all walk in His will. Desecrating our American Flag which is a symbol of America -- there also goes Patriotism. Look also at our educational system taken over. Stand together or fall. We have heard for a long time there is more than one way to God. Sorry, God even said, there is only one way to Him and that is through Jesus the Christ. He surely knows, He created all, in charge of all.

What He set down was before any other that has come along -- that the evil one has tried to trip us up by.

We are no one's judge, that is God's job, and He said, the revenge is His. In His timing.

He said, Love God above ALL and our neighbor (all) as our self.

Thank You. In difficult moments, seek God; quiet moments, worship God; painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God.

Maxine R. Erickson