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It is not just about what you are eating but what is eating you

My pants are starting to fall off and people are beginning to notice. They are asking me what my secret is for losing weight. I usually say portion control, choosing highly nutritious foods and the simple equation of burning more calories than I consume. But I am not being completely honest.

There is more to losing weight and keeping it off to maintain a healthy body. It is not just will-power and working your butt off.

Being able to choose a healthy lifestyle has been a process for me.

I believe in timing. It starts with a dream or idea and I add prayer, faith, hope and preparation. Then when the timing is right things seem to fall into place for me. The timing is right for both my husband and I to create a healthy lifestyle and more importantly stick with it the rest of our lives.

Education is another big help. Learning about food and nutrition is empowerment to make better choices. Now I am grossed out just thinking about processed and fast foods. It is unbelievable the crap we have consumed. Just because it is the social norm doesn't make it good and harmless.

And most important, I had to heal what was eating me on the inside.

Four years ago I married the man of my dreams. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

At the wedding I reconnected with Domonique, one of my high school friends who I hadn't seen for almost 20 years. After the wedding I hit one of the lowest points in my life, I sunk into a deep depression. My back went out and the physical therapist told me I was never going to heal until I healed emotionally. I confided in Dom. She asked if I would be interested in trying emotional release therapy. I trusted her and she changed my life with technique called "The Process."

For me it is an awesome experience of letting go of the past. It is removing the emotional baggage which we carry inside of us, that keeps us trapped. Each session lasts about one hour and a half and we look back at events and experiences that made us who we are and heal the inner child through visualization. It is about releasing negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment that reside in our bodies. We confront false beliefs and open ourselves to learn a better way. The awareness brings transformation.

The experience was so incredible that I decided I needed to know how to facilitate "The Process" so I could help others as Domonique helped me. About a year later, Dom asked if I would be interested in taking her class. She was planning to teach emotional release therapy and needed some patient students for a trial run. She set it up so we could do it via on-line real time video conference calls.

Yes, an answer to my prayers.

Domonique taught the 9 month class from her home in Utah. Dom's sister was on her home computer in Illinois along with her friend, while I was on my husband's computer with my sister-in-law in Minnesota.

It was intense. As students, we were learning new information but more important while we practiced on each other, we were healing, layer upon layer. I am still processing issues when they come up and I facilitate "The Process" on others who want emotional healing.

Through these experiences, I became prepared for this life-changing journey. I have a new freedom in my thoughts and feelings because I have been working getting healthy on the inside in preparation to having a healthy body on the outside.

Life is good and now I need to choose a smaller pair of pants.