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Your Letters: Muslim-Christian relations

Last week Alan Linda said there are "huge parallels between Muslim-Christian relations today and Muslim-Christian relations 1,000 years ago" (during the Christian crusades). To keep this short as possible I'll first summarize his letter and then respond.

1) "Ultra-conservative religious types" today "escalate prayer to action" against Muslims in the Middle East.

2) Oil is today's threat to destabilize the world, replacing precious metals and jewels of 1095.

3) The middle class are shouldering the burden of the war and the rich are not contributing enough.

4) Our returning soldiers do not have jobs to come home to.

5) Our government answers to money more than the middle class.

Number 1) Remember 9/11? Iran, Al-qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. repeatedly call for the death of the "great satan" (U.S.A.) and the annihilation of the "little satan" (Israel) all in the name of "all mighty Allah." Today Afghan soldiers (our supposed allies) are killing U.S. soldiers because some terrorist vandalized/desecrated Korans were disposed of. These are true "ultra-conservative religious types" who are truly "escalating prayer to action."

2) If "ultra-liberal types" would not have fought oil production tooth and nail over the last 30 years we'd have more of our own oil today. But don't worry, according to President Obama "algae" will soon replace oil!

3) Since even our "allies" in the Middle East would rather kill our soldiers and hide terrorists while taking our money, let's ease the burden on all of us by taking our money and the nukes out of the Middle East as we leave and let them find their own freedom and democracy, or whatever else they want to "spring" to.

4) Our returning soldiers are coming home to the White House cutting over 100,000 military jobs.

5) Duh. Remember the "bail out" and the "stimulus bill"?

Daniel DeYonge