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Your Letters: Good intentions do not equal good actions

Last week, Rod Broding said government needs to be "too big" because "sometimes people need help, and there's no one else to do it."

Rod talked about a victim of incest and how "only" big government could have helped her. Of course both his claims are obviously false. And of course Rod chooses not to look at the number of times the government has returned the victim to the abuser and how many times the government has broken families (i.e. Janet Reno).

He also chooses not to look at the fact that in many cases, the government has removed the ability of others to help. Rod said we should vote for the candidates that talk about helping others instead of those who want smaller government. As so many politicians have proven, good intentions do not mean good actions.

Since the government has taken over welfare both have expanded and the family structure has suffered. The bigger big government gets the more it helps itself and the less it helps those who are not a part of it. North Korea is almost all government. Perhaps Rod would like it there.

Daniel DeYonge