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Your Letters: Our 'big' government

"Our government is too damn big," my colleague said to me one day over coffee.

"Well, I know it seems too big," I replied, "but sometimes people need help, and there's no one else to do it."

"They have families! Friends! Neighbors! Churches! Sometimes all they have to do is help themselves."

"Sometimes it's the families or friends who are the problems."

My reasoning did not change his mind. My logic did not help. He was convinced of his righteousness. All he could see was this enormous expense of Big Government. Big Government was the problem.

I wanted to tell him a couple true stories ... about the high school girl who shared with me in an essay about "Hope" how her father had been subjecting her to incest for over a year, and how scared she was that he would soon turn on her younger sister. Or the story of the high school boy whose father in a drunken rage grabbed his deer rifle, chased his son into the woods at night and shot at him not once, but twice. Or the single mother reduced to prostitution in order to pay her rent. Not much hope in any of those stories.

So, who is going to help these people? Not the family. Probably not the church. More than likely not some neighbor either. Help will have to come from some government agency. The same Big Government my colleague abhorred.

Take the time to think about these situations. Or others like these. And contemplate which political party's platform is most concerned about reducing Big Government and which party's platform is most concerned about people who need someone to stand up for them. Reflect on which candidates' records and talk show more concern for others than for smaller government.

Then decide which political candidates you are planning to vote for. That will say more about you than it will about your favorite candidate.

Rod Broding

Battle Lake