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Your Letters: LGA stance more important than ethics?

Last week Jerry Horgen of Henning expressed his disgust for Senator Hoffman's position on local government aid (LGA) by calling her "the ethics violator," (Senator Hoffman was charged with the serious crime of posting her opinion on the Internet).

I'm surprised Jerry didn't add the serious charge of jay walking to the list. And of course if Senator X were guilty of murder but wanted to double LGA then Jerry would probably try to get Senator X a pardon. Isn't human nature interesting? By the way, Jerry, if we can trim important things like the national defense budget then we can certainly trim things like LGA. Jerry said that libraries are important because they supply "books for free." Make a note Jerry, nothing is free. Jerry talks about those who need Internet at the library to "improve themselves" because they do not have it at home. I go to a public library because I do not have Internet access at home (no fiber optic lines). Maybe some of the millions of dollars that the libraries receive could be spent on rural fiber optic lines so I wouldn't have to go the library and wait for a computer while kids "improve themselves" by yelling back and forth playing Internet games and tweeting while their parents "improve themselves" by watching YouTube and checking out Facebook.

President Obama said "Everybody's got to have some skin in the game." Yes Jerry, "everybody" does include those milking LGA.

Daniel DeYonge