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Your Letters: What's wrong with work?

Sunday I watched a segment on "Need to Know" (a liberal PBS program) promoting the Civilian Conservation Core (CCC).

The CCC was a nine-year unemployment/welfare program approved by Congress during the Great Depression shortly after Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office. The government CCC program put more than 3 million unemployed men in government work camps doing natural resource conservation projects. The government paid the CCC worker 1/6th of his monthly wage ($5) and gave the rest ($25) to his parents.

The commentator on the PBS program talked about how beneficial the CCC was for his father's self esteem and "how wonderful it was to have had a government that cared."

I find this highly ironic because whenever a program anything like the CCC is proposed today liberals poo-poo the idea, calling it "slave labor." They even oppose requiring a drug test to receive welfare even though the same tests are required for those who work and pay for welfare. I wonder if Mr. PBS CCC promoter would be willing to put his support where his mouth is by supporting a government CCC program today that would require those seeking unemployment checks or welfare to do manual labor at a government camp (thereby giving them "self esteem") and give the workers 1/6th of their checks while the government puts the rest in Social Security, just like in "the good old days when the government cared."

Daniel DeYonge