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Your Letters: Voter ID is not racist

I was scrolling through the PBS stations last week and came across a civil rights activists who had worked with Martin Luther King Jr.

Back in the 1960s, this man was beaten for standing up against racial segregation. I have great respect and admiration for his courage to stand up in the face of violence for what he knew to be right. But for some reason he now comes to the bizarre conclusion that laws requiring a photo ID to vote are "intended" to discriminate against "poor people of color" who are less likely to have a photo ID.

I support voter ID laws. But as a "poor person of no color" with a "poor wife and children of color" I have no "intention" of stopping anyone from voting or performing any other constitutional right. Owning a gun is a constitutional right but yet, color or no color, rich or poor, we all have to produce a photo ID and go through a federal background check just to legally buy one with our own money. Furthermore, statistically "people of no color" are more likely to own guns. So does that mean the purpose of a photo ID gun purchase law is to discriminate against "poor people of no color"?

Of course not. When normally smart respectable people let racism distort rational thought, the racists win.

Daniel DeYonge