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Your Letters: Library a real asset to area

I was amazed to see the quote "If you want to read a book, go buy it." Can this man be for real? Then to read that $10,000 had been cut from the city library.

Does he not realize that the city of Wadena has a real asset in its city library. Lets get down to the nitty gritty, Mr. Miller. I frequently use the library, checking out 8-10 books at a time. It was made to sound if the library was having less usage by the percent of books being checked out, but let me tell you what I see when I am in the library that doesn't count on your percentages. First, I see Renee and her hard working staff who greet us every time we walk into the library. I see a staff very eager to help us find things in their systems and from other places. I see 20 to 30 youngsters being read to every week and sometimes people come in to entertain them. What joy on their faces! There are always people using research books which cannot be checked out but are a great service to students and professional people. The computers have a steady stream of people downloading books and being used for multiple reasons. If you want to make a photocopy of something the copier is there for a minimal fee. The library's copies of local papers and magazines provide up-to-date materials. They offer lectures from well-known authors and have programs in the memorial auditorium which bring people into town. There are audio books for the blind, DVDs and music tapes for everyone's use. Every year the library has tax forms available.

No, I can't tell you of everything that goes on in the library but the things I have listed, I have seen and most of these things are not included in your percentages.

Yes, Mr. Miller, I do buy books now and then, but I have a suggestion for you. Go spend some time at the city library and find out what an intricate part the Wadena City Library plays as one of the hubs of any on going city in education, business and social ways.

Bonnie Uberto