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Your Letters: Reading is a vital part of existence

Regarding Dec. 17's article: "People can buy their own books if they want to read." -- Commissioner Ralph Miller. I have to assume since it is in quotes that he actually said this. Who IS this guy? Please tell me he does not have children, never has had children and never has been in a position where he is influencing children. IF they want to READ? Isn't reading part of life? Isn't it a vital part of existence, right up there with breathing and eating? Does Mr. Miller read? I am guessing not, or he would know that books cost a lot of money if you buy them. Most of us read each one once, so it does not make sense to buy them, and we could not do that more than a few times a year. Yes, there are used books and there are some good deals on them once in awhile. For variety and abundance and endless possibilities, there is the LIBRARY. The Mobile Library is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment on wheels and in my town. Besides books, it carries music CDs and movies, books on all subjects, large print and regular print. If they don't have the exact book you want, they will get it for you. The days it comes are circled on my calendar. When I lost my wallet, the one thing I missed most besides my license was my library card. Just carrying it reminds me I am American and have a free library.

Do you get my point, Mr. Miller? The Mobile Library is terribly important to me. And Mr. Bounds, you could cut many less important areas, if "we have to live within our means." Don't get me started on all the useless programs eating county money. But the library? Reading? Come on, guys, this is not the way to cut spending.

Sylvia Wulf

Menahga/Using the Sebeka Stop of the Mobile Library