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Your Letters: Tea Party movement alive and well

A few weeks ago a flaming liberal from Battle Lake wrote, and said, he was searching for the "Old Republican Party." He thought that the party was "kidnapped" and complained that the Tea Party had infiltrated its ranks and had taken it over!

I'm here to tell Rod Broding that the Republican Party of old is still around. The likes of Senators John McCain, Arizona; Olympia Snow, Maine; Susan Collins, Maine; Richard Lugar, Indiana; Lisa Murkowski, Alaska; Chuck Hagel, Nebraska; Mel Martinez, Florida; Independent Jim Jeffords, Vermont (former Republican); all liberal Republicans or former Republicans that he and his liberal cohorts could cozy up to, fraternize with and make back door deals with if they wished. So what are you whining about Rod, there are still plenty of them around.

Many of Rod's so-called Missing Republicans and Democrats got whooped in the last two elections for being too liberal. Sen. Arlen Specter, a liberal that was a Republican, turned Democrat, from Pennsylvania; Gordon Smith, Oregon; and Russ Feingold, Wisconsin, come to mind.

The next election will have Tea Party lead consequences as well. I'm happy to inform Rod that Democrat fraternization of his pal Republicans of the old days has helped to form the Tea Party and bring havoc among those Republicans that get out of line and don't follow its strict conservative platform. It is exciting to know and as your letter proves, the Tea Party is working as planned by removing Democrats and liberal Republicans that are destroying our country with hundreds more entitlement programs, more than $5 trillion in spending, adding of $9 trillion more to the deficit. Tax increases, illegal immigration, rampant corruption, loans to already bankrupt companies, corrupt Attorney General with blood on his hands, weakened foreign policies, weakened military, failed cash for caulkers program, failed cash for clunkers program, failed bailouts, failed stimulus, bonuses for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage execs along with Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Barney Frank walking -- and mandated expensive health care among other things. Should I continue? There is much more.

The Tea Party movement is alive and well. It's a well-organized group of hard working grass roots patriots that conduct themselves as law abiding citizens unlike the Occupy Wall Street Flea Baggers.

The Occupy Wall Street Flea Baggers have disrupted private citizens' lives by pitching tents, defecating, urinating on city streets, raping, stealing and conducting violent protests to advance their confused cause and be openly promoted by Barack Obama, Nancy Piglosi and the filthy mouthed clown we have as Vice President, Joe Biden, among a few. Oh, Rod, you mentioned disrespect ... Do you remember when Obama openly disrespected members of the Supreme Court during the State of the Union speech? It was the first time in my memory that a sitting president blatantly disrespected Supreme Court members while present during a state of the union speech. What a travesty!

Joe Wilson called Barack Obama a "liar" because it was true! Although I agree he shouldn't have said it during a state of the union speech in violation of house decorum.

Obama openly disrespects millions of Americans daily and is divisive in his rhetoric. It's called, "class warfare," if you're not on his side you're the enemy.

Concluding my letter, I was hesitant, to respond to Rod's dopey editorial. Liberals say dopey stuff all the time, therefore those with the same mindset have zero credibility.

Finally, the "Missing Republicans" that Rod mentions were only decent when they sided with Democrats. Right, Rod.

Chad Dickey, Sr.