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Your letters: Tea Party reclaimed the GOP, didn't 'kidnap' it

Rod Broding of Battle Lake wrote a letter recently titled "Missing: The Republican party of old." Rod criticized the Republicans of today for not respecting the president. He said the Republicans of old respected the president "regardless of who the president was." I wonder if Rod missed the Democratic party of old when the not so old Democratic party was disrespecting President Bush.

Rod said that "they (Republicans of old) would move to the center on most ideas." They still do. Due to Rod's party moving far to the left of center I can understand Rod's confusion as to where the center is. Rod then claimed that "the Democratic governor, Mark Dayton, moved toward the center rescuing the state from collapse" (shutdown). I wonder if Rod sees the irony in giving someone who greatly contributed to the shutdown credit for ending it. Rod evidently doesn't realize that the center the Democratic governor moved toward, which is responsible spending within the budget, is where the state Republicans were already at.

Rod said it seems that the Republican party has been "kidnapped" by the Tea Party. Evidently Rod doesn't know the difference between kidnapped and repossessed. Rod ended his letter with: "Will you help us find them (The Republican party of old)?" Hey Rod, have you found, or even looked for, the Democratic party of old? You know, the party that had the motto "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country"? It seems it has been kidnapped by the "ask not what we can do for our country but what can we extort from it" party, now calling itself the "occupy Wall Street movement." I like the taste of Republican tea. Rod can have his Democratic movement.

Daniel DeYonge