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Your letters: The problem is assessment appraisal

The reason why Minnesota property taxes are at the breaking point are primarily local spending at unsustainable levels and the inability of our legislature to recognize the real problem of the outdated property tax assessment system.

Rep. Marquart announces that replacing "homestead credit" with "value exclusion" has brought chaos to property owners. The Becker County Taxpayers Association, Inc. (BCTA) has proven to Rep. Marquart that the assessment appraisal system in unbelievably flawed. Rep. Marquart refuses to accept facts and stands by 19th century standards. Homestead Credit is nothing more than an attempt to compensate for assessor errors that range from 51 percent to well over 100 percent. To complement this, is an unnecessary "Property Tax Refund" program!

The assessment system of Minnesota reportedly is at a cost of $50 million to the taxpayers. Sales and income tax administrators are subject to state audits but not property tax. Assessors are not held accountable and abusive assessor retribution actions are condoned at local and state levels. Why?

Ask your county commissioner and legislator why three widows in less than a six mile stretch of county highway were OVERVALUED by $110,000, $70,000 and $105,000.

Les Ristinen