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Your letters: Another veteran star story

I enjoyed Mike Ittner's article on "Veterans are the real stars" in the Nov. 19 edition. Thought I'd tell you about another real star.

My sister and husband, Darlene and Jim Kurz, formerly from rural Hewitt but now live in Texas, have a 20-year-old grandson named Kenton Kurz, a Marine stationed in Hawaii. He was deployed to Afghanistan this past year. On patrol one day he stepped on a land mine. He didn't lose his legs but lost a lot of muscle tissue, and was hit with shrapnel in both legs and arms, suffered a concussion and blown into a roadside ditch. After being treated in the field hospital he was flown to Germany, then to a couple hospitals on the mainland, and finally back to his base hospital in Hawaii.

For several months now he has been recuperating. Then the Wounded Warriors organization took over and have been a wonderful help getting Kenton back on his feet. They started by taking him for rides in a four wheeler. Later when his body could tolerate more activity, they took him horse back riding. Some time after that, they flew him and other wounded fellows to Montana for fly fishing. Then they flew him to Texas to spend time with his parents, grandparents, and siblings. They are also flying him home for the Christmas holiday. And they continue to take him and others fishing locally. I praise this organization for all the help they render to the wounded, both mentally and physically.

Carol Bruder