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Your letters: Don't think we pay enough?

I have the solution to those who think that we need to increase taxes to solve the budget problems of the state and federal governments. Send a gift to the IRS. Double what the IRS says you owe. Your taxes will go up and you can feel good that you are solving the problem. Now I know that you won't do this because you don't really believe that throwing more money at the problem will solve anything.

Look at what has happened in the last three years. Obama began his tenure with a massive $800 billion "stimulus" bill consisting mainly of payoffs to traditional Democratic constituencies and investments in assorted pet projects of the left. It was a model of pork and inefficiency and a sign of things to come. In the next three years, the large national debt that he inherited has roughly doubled and domestic discretionary spending has increased by 25 percent not counting the stimulus and we have experienced the three largest deficits in American history. And on top of all of this our president, this year, proposed a budget that would further increase the deficit and the debt.

If you believe giving this type of government more money to spend and waste, I've got some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

Terry Mickunas