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Your letters: RINOs part of the problem

It is quite telling in Rod Broding's letter of Nov. 19 in the Pioneer Journal that he feels the place for Republicans is as yes-men for the myth of the supposed superior intellect of the left.

RINO Republicans have been complicit in the economic debacle perpetrated by cradle to grave, nanny state, liberalism. Nowhere in his letter does he mention a moderate Democrat; only Republicans should be moderate. Maybe President Obama and the Senate should try a little moderation once in a while instead of clinging to their insanity that we can spend our way out of the Obama Depression. Five trillion dollars in the red and diving toward third world status is no basis for a lecture on fiscal restraint by the anointed one.

It's curious how you should mention Everett Dirksen, certainly no moderate. Everett Dirksen, a Republican, succeeded in overcoming a 50-plus day filibuster by Democrats of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Yet the left claims that Republicans are racist. So much for your ideal of civility.

The statement by Mr. Broding that the president was in the past "acknowledged as the leader of this nation and respected as such" is only delusional at best. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are two examples that come to mind of the vicious derision heaped on them from the left. Yet you demand respect for President Obama who can only apologize for America instead of recognize and promote America's greatness. Respect demanded will never be achieved, it must be earned. President Obama has made a total frontal assault on the moral and economic fabric of this nation. Should we send more limp-wristed RINO Republicans or Democrats to Washington to help him? I say a resounding NO!

Bob Hunt