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Your letters: Critics of homestead credit changes offer no solutions

In the Nov. 5 issue of the Wadena PJ, Rep. Paul Marquart wrote a letter criticizing the current legislators for eliminating the homestead tax credit. The previous week former state senator Dan Skogen wrote a letter criticizing the current legislators for "cutting" school budgets. Both letters had two things in common.

1) The offered a lot of criticism of those who are trying to fix Minnesota's budget mess.

2) They offered absolutely no solutions of their own.

However, we don't need two guesses to figure out what their idea of a solution would be. They would continue the cycle we are now trying to break:

Step 1) Raise taxes to cover the government spending beyond its income.

Step 2) Call for more taxes when the increase has been wasted.

Step 3) When others try to fix the damage steps 1 and 2 created, criticize them for "hurting the children," "starving the seniors," "hating the poor," etc.

Step 4) Repeat steps 1 through 4 indefinitely.

Rep. Paul Marquart and former Senator Dan Skogen can arm chair quarterback all they want. The fact is we can't keep their spend and tax cycle going because (Mr. Skogen's line fits so well here) "It doesn't structurally solve the budget shortfall and leaves our children and grandchildren billions of dollars in debt."

Daniel DeYonge