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Your letter: The LGA (Local Government Aid) fallacy

No matter how taxpayers slice it, local governments are to blame for raising levies. Local governments are in fact responsible for the costs of their governments, not the Minnesota Legislature.

Nor is LGA available to many local governments because they do not qualify and because promised funds are not available. It isn't only the 2011 budget deficit. These deficits of the past years are real. Caused by economic factors and short sighted legislative decisions to spend, spend beyond projected incomes. There is no money!

LGA funds are sourced by tax, mainly income and sales, throughout Minnesota. Why should taxes based on incomes and consumption be distributed to some select cities or counties in Minnesota? Property tax, however, is not based on one's ability to pay unlike income and sales taxes. Even more ludicrous is that because of inability to pay property tax your home can be seized. Politicians (in and out of office) are responsible for the perpetuity of an unfair and complexity of our claimed "market value based" property tax.

Neither Market Value Homestead Credit nor the Property Tax Refund programs have provided true equity. The lack of uniformity and quality of assessments are unfair. We need accountability!

Leo Ristinen